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Conversational English

Welcome to the Conversational English course, where we embark on a journey to enhance your ability to communicate fluently and confidently in everyday conversations. Whether you're looking to improve your English skills for social interactions, travel, or professional networking, this course is designed to help you express yourself with ease and clarity in a variety of contexts.

1. Introduction to Conversational English
  - Importance of practical communication skills
  - Building confidence in everyday conversations

2. Everyday Vocabulary and Expressions
  - Common phrases for greetings and small talk
  - Expressing opinions and preferences

3. Asking and Answering Questions
  - Formulating open-ended and closed questions
  - Polite ways to seek information

4. Telephone Conversations
  - Handling phone calls effectively
  - Taking messages and leaving voicemails

5. Socializing and Networking Language
  - Engaging in social events and gatherings
  - Networking etiquette and introductions

6. Casual and Formal Language
  - Adapting language to various contexts
  - Informal vs. formal communication

7. Cultural Awareness in Conversations
  - Understanding cultural differences in communication
  - Respectful and inclusive language

8. Handling Difficult Conversations
  - Expressing disagreement diplomatically
  - Giving and receiving constructive feedback

9. Storytelling and Narration
  - Sharing personal experiences
  - Structuring and conveying a narrative

10. Interactive Role-Play Exercises
  - Simulated real-life scenarios
  - Practical application of conversational skills

11. Language Games and Activities
  - Vocabulary games
  - Fun exercises to enhance conversational fluency

12. Assessment through Conversational Practice
  - Recorded conversations for feedback
  - Peer and instructor evaluations

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