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Our Team

Chad Bergstedt 
Cape Town, South Africa
Manager - Media and Advertising​​
Jenny Bergstedt - Cape Town, South Africa

Jenny Bergstedt has been in education since 1988. She was an international English teacher for almost a decade, and worked at Language Institutes in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in English and IELTS training. She is also a published poet and also has previous experience in freelance journalism.

During the Covid pandemic, she was one of the pioneers to online teaching, which was unchartered territory until then. 

What started as a side hustle became a fully-fledged business, finding extreme pleasure in equipping people with skills to work from home and to have a business with no borders.

Ian Bergstedt 
Cape Town, South Africa
Manager - Sales and Marketing​​
Morne Bergstedt 
Cape Town, South Africa
Manager - Customer Care


Waseela Sasman Martin - Cape Town, South Africa

Waseela Sasman Martin has 12 years of teaching experience. She has 2 years experience in online teaching which she attainted in the United Arab Emirates.  She sees being able to reach students through technology and creating engaging lessons is magical. With technology always evolving, lessons are always evolving, she believes we are always evolving and all in hopes of a better world and future.


Conway Stanley - Tbilisi, Georgia


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Conway Stanley is an English teacher, having graduated from Bechet College of Education in 1988. Teaching English and Mathematics at a high school in his home town, Durban, and developing a passion and love for teaching. He went on to teach in Kent, UK, where he lived with his family for 4 years. Conway’s 30 year career in education has seen him teaching ESL in South Korea, Dubai (UAE) and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has served in a number of strategic roles, including Head teacher at Global Education Center, Academic Director in Riyadh and Curriculum Developer for several companies. Conway is currently the owner and Director of both ITTI-Panama and ITTI-Riyadh. He is a certified TESOL Trainer for ITTI and is currently managing both branches of his global business.


Ruth McLeod -  Kansas City, Missouri, USA 


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Ruth McLeod an educator by profession. She strives to be an effective 21st-century educator who impacts the present and future of her students. Her field of expertise range from Primary school teacher and principal, to the tertiary sector as a Lecturer in Marketing Communications, and subsequently also in the following offices: Human Resource Development Manager, Academic Support Facilitator and Student Support Manager. She achieved accredited certification by the ETDP SETA as Assessor, Moderator, Skills Development Facilitator and Coaching & Mentoring. In the Kingdom of God, She is First Lady of Shiloh Institutional COGIC, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA,   Missions President of Missouri Western Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction COGIC, Preacher, Bible teacher, Facilitator and Motivational Speaker.

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